06 January 2007

Merry Un-Christmas!

Well, as you're all no doubt aware, today was Epiphany (or, if you prefer, Three Kings Day), the last day of Christmas. I kid, of course. No one ever seems to be aware of that. Oh well. At any rate, the tree's down, the decorations are packed up, and it's time to reflect on a fairly remarkable Christmas. In the last 12 days I've sold my old car, bought a new (used) one, spent a relaxing New Years in the San Juans, and adopted a cat named Dabby (special thanks to Michael for the name suggestion; it may be meaningless, but somehow it just fits). Tomorrow it's back down to Eugene for a quarter of GIS, geobiology, petrology, and perhaps even potoroo teeth. The fun just never stops!

1 comment:

Michael said...

Wow, you're sticking with Dabby, huh? I'm honored! I do think it's a cute name. You'll have to tell me how it evolves (Dabbs, Big D, back to D Loke, etc.)

Have a good trip back. Thanks for having us over.