14 October 2006

Hey, hey, BooBoo!

Well, I've gone and made a friend. Turns out that if I leave either door to my house open, my neighbor's cat BooBoo invites herself in. In fact, since my neighbor seems to be gone much of the time, even if both doors are closed, BooBoo will often climb up on the outside window sill and meow until you open one. I probably shouldn't encourage her, but I've always been a sucker for animals, as you all no doubt know, and it is nice to have at least some sort of company while you're spending all day working on projects (this is a lost weekend for me, I'm afraid, as I scramble to get things in order in advance of my big trip to Ottawa next week). Besides, there are two definite advantages to having a cat around the house. First, after finding a suspicious hole in a bag of pasta the other day, I'm beginning to think I may be harboring mice or other rodents of an unsavory nature, and this saves me the trouble of looking for a cat of my own and of paying the extra pet deposit. Second, while I would never voluntarily give any animal a name like BooBoo, it does give me a chance to practice my Yogi imitation every time she wanders in. So I guess the cat is welcome, as long as she stays out of my pic-a-nic basket.

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