06 October 2006

Blogging Again, Naturally

Only a month here at the U of O, and I'm already feeling like I need to blog again; it's addictive like that. This time, though, I've learned from my Avon Stream mistakes (I hope). I'm not making any foolish promises about updating this daily; I'll try to wait until I actually have something interesting to say (needless to remark, entries may be few and far between).
How's this for a starter: I'm in Nature! Those of you who have known me for a while also know that I spent the summer or 2003 on the Olympic Peninsula working as an ecology field assistant. I had figured that getting to spend time on Tatoosh Island (which has to be the coolest place I've ever been - just check out the photos here and on my Flickr site) and wandering around the forests along the Pysht River were their own rewards, but a few years down the road it turns out that there was one more job perk in store. One of my supervisors, Tim Wootton, published a Nature article earlier this year, and who's listed in the Acknowledgments section? J. Orcutt, that's who! I know the fact that I'm so excited over just an acknowledgment is a clear sign that I'm still very much a student, but really, how would you react of you saw your name in Nature?
Ahh, it's good to be blogging again...

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Michael said...

Yay! I was missing yor old blog recently when I learned I could put RSS feeds on my Google home page. Congrats about the acknowledgement. That's so cool.