08 January 2008

The goose is on the loose!

Congratulations to Goose Gossage for his election to the baseball hall of fame, doubling the size of the Mariners contingent there. He may have only played for Seattle at the very end of his career, but I remember seeing him pitch in a few games in the Kingdome back in 1994 (I especially remember the ridiculous "goose is on the loose" animation they played on the scoreboard when he would come into games), and it's always a thrill to see a player from your hometown team receive the highest honor in baseball. Incidentally, I'm afraid I've disgraced my blog (not that it had much prestige to lose, granted) by allowing the Yankees' logo to appear on it, but that picture was the only one I could find that also showed Gossage in a Seattle uniform. Go Mariners!

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